Mermaid Tales

Under the Sea

Life’s a beach when you’re turning 5 years old! So, a party filled with shells and sparkles on a wet November day seemed very apt for Miss Robyn’s birthday celebrations. Doubling up as mummy and party-planner at this ‘Under the Sea’ themed get-together for my daughter and her friends gave me scope for making a big splash with the decorations, food and activities.

As a child, the very first film I saw at the cinema was ‘The Little Mermaid’ and I’ve loved it ever since. I love the sand, sea and swimming – Miss Robyn was even born in the water! She’s not quite as enthusiastic about swimming these days but she does love collecting shells on the beach, jumping over waves and, of course, mermaid spotting! It was therefore a no-brainier to incorporate a collection of hand-picked shells and water-themed photographs of my biggest little girl into the display table. The handmade ‘R’ clad with glittery scales and a sequinned cushion provided a bright focal point amongst the rustic fish nets, hessian table runners and chests filled with chocolatey treasure.

The display table was also home to nautical-themed sweets in jars and of course the themed cake. I still wouldn’t class myself as a star baker but 5 years down the line there are definitely less screams of icing-related frustration and I finished this cake pre-midnight which is a record in my book! The delight on my daughter’s face when she realised the shells and sand were “etible” was an additional bonus too!

Ironically, I kept the non-edible decorations to the main dining table. The children were too busy tucking into their individual fish and chip portions to be tempted into tasting the pretty shells and beads. The balloon displays that were colour coordinated with the chair sashes very handily doubled up as parting gifts for every guest. It was a joy to see the contented smiles on the face of each child as they left with their balloon in one hand and hand-printed, canvas party bag in the other. I’m not sure where the ‘party bag’ tradition originally came from but I’m definitely all for it. With the birthday child receiving so many gifts, it’s a great way for them to thank their friends for joining them on their special day. In this case, the children were able to carry home the heavily sequinned treasure boxes they’d all spent time decorating. If in doubt provide a group of 5 year olds with glitter and glue and they’ll be entertained for hours!

Just to add a little more sparkle to the occasion, I had Sara from Creative Parties come and adorn the birthday girl and her guests with glitter tattoos. It may have taken several baths and lots of scrubbing to remove them (sorry parents!) but the children all loved getting them done. With an epic, 20 layer pass-the-parcel session and an impromptu game of musical statues slotted in amongst the food and crafting, 2 hours flew by and we had one very tired but extremely happy daughter declaring it was “the best party ever.”

High praise from a newly turned five year old…

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