Time for Tea

A birthday party doesn’t always mean a whole roomful of decorations and multiple tables of food. I have styled parties with just a few simple, yet tasteful props to give a celebratory feel to smaller gatherings.

Of course, no matter the size of the celebration there is usually cake involved so a pretty cake stand and cute napkins can go a long way towards elevating a table of sweet treats to a more elegant afternoon tea.

The other thing to remember is that, ‘coordinated’ doesn’t have to mean that absolutely everything ‘matches’. It’s possible to have a number of patterns in keeping with a colour scheme and still produce a stylish set-up. If I’m taking this approach, I tend to keep the main tablecloth one plain colour so that the rest of the tableware stands out.

Providing some height to a table display allows you to present your food in various ways depending on what you are serving i.e. cupcakes look great on a tiered stand while a platter might be better suited to sandwiches. It’s also a pretty handy way to fit more things on a small table without it looking too cluttered. Having a couple of two-tiered balloon displays as part of your party decor can help to add to the sense of occasion and of course even if your child is too young to fully appreciate the effort you’ve gone to, a balloon can keep them entertained for several days after the plates and napkins have all been thrown way!

Even if you don’t have space for a large banner or bunting, I always think it’s special to acknowledge the birthday boy or girl within the display so a small chalkboard with a message on can be the perfect way to give them guest of honour status. Handily, a chalkboard is reusable so it can feature in many future parties to come!

It’s amazing how some flowers and foliage can give a display a soft and calming feel. So, even if your tea party involves several hyperactive 3 year olds on a cupcake sugar-high (true story), at least you can enjoy the refreshing scent of freshly cut flowers for a few days as you relax after all your entertaining duties. Equally, if you are like me and wonder how your children are alive when any plant within a 2 meter radius of you dies, head to IKEA and purchase a collection of artificial ones that will last forever!

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