Holly's First Birthday Party

Pink & Sparkly

This was an extra special event to plan and prepare. The youngest of our little tribe turned one and we organised a party at our place to celebrate. You’ve heard of the phrase “not enough room to swing a cat”, right? Well, that’s what springs to mind when people think of our house – a small, mid terrace filled with all the girly paraphernalia two small children could need (and a whole lot more they don’t). So having 15 people all in the same compact space was a challenge but it was also part of what made this gathering special.

As most will know, a party for a baby is really just an opportunity for the parents to get together with friends and family so with this and the limited space in mind, I kept the décor to a tasteful minimum. No doubt by this time next year, our daughter will be voicing her own opinions on party themes so I took this chance to make things pretty, pink and sparkly! A plain, white backdrop was decorated with a simple, pink and gold “Happy 1st Birthday’ banner from Ginger Ray and I added a pair of two-tiered gold confetti balloon displays either side. The table was covered with a shimmering, sequinned runner and I placed a large, number ‘1’ helium balloon (shout out to local shop Just 4 You on the Belmont Road for providing in my hour of need when my internet-ordered balloon failed to arrived on time!) at the head of the table which gave a focal point to the display. The rose-gold light box (New Look) with glittering letters also helped provide a sense of occasion and a great talking point. The shiny party plates and spotty napkins co-ordinated perfectly with the polaroid photo frame display surrounding the super chocolatey birthday cake.

Whilst our guests were civilised enough to use the tableware provided to hold their cake, the birthday girl just sat in her high chair and shovelled it in. My daily scouring of Pinterest, however, was not in vain and I rustled up a ribbon skirt with which to adorn the high chair so at least she looked like a princess whilst she rammed chocolate cake in her mouth! I should take the time to thank the very kind man in the Paragon shop on the Castlereagh Road who stood extremely patiently as I deliberated for far too long about which combination of colours and ribbon width to go with. In the end, I opted for pink and gold with a dash of peach to keep things extra girly. Although I’m not sure the guest of honour fully appreciated the carefully coordinated colour scheme, she certainly enjoyed the texture of the ribbons as she later danced around the place on a sugar high!

With a few finishing touches such as cupcake cases and large tablemats in-keeping with the colour palette, this was a pretty little party for my pretty little girl.