Light & Bright

It was a pleasure to set up this display for the children of Discovery Club at Shiloh Hall in East Belfast. With the approach of the half-term holidays, the workers wanted to provide an alternative celebration to the traditional Halloween party so opted for a ‘Light Party’.

For the girl that loves a bit of sparkle, this gave me scope to keep the decor glitzy and bright!
Having a white backdrop was, of course, pretty much a given for a light themed party. It also meant that the fairy lights and coloured stars contrasted well against the soft, chiffon background. Bearing in mind the diversity of the ages of children attending (4-14yrs), having the bright colours of the stars combined with the elegance of the paper star light, metallic cups and shimmering sequins gave the event a fun yet unpatronising feel.

The use of the light box served as a theme-enhancing prop complete with hashtag to give that modern and personal touch. While, the flicker of flame from a tea-light may have been slightly more atmospheric, safety comes first, especially where children are concerned. I therefore opted for LED tea lights to give the ‘candlelit’ glow. These showed up particularly well when the lights were turned off for the children to dance with their glow sticks and write names in the air with indoor sparklers (supplied by Discovery Club Staff).

When my all-knowing 4 year-old announced “it won’t be a party without party bags” there was very little negotiation about the provision of something for all the children to take home. With minimal advanced notice about dressing this party, I was able to source foam star shaped key rings and provide paper bags with sweet treats (and no tricks!).

It was great to be part of this party and bring some brightness to a cold, dark evening!


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