Easter Eggstravaganza

Holidays are a great time for people to get together, relax and consume immeasurable amounts of food – and this family get together was certainly no different! So, as the Easter period draws to a close it seems only fitting that I share details of this Springtime spread.

Having young children around always adds that extra special dimension to a celebration – whether it be the simple joys of an Easter egg hunt or the subsequent sugar-fuelled tantrums – there’s never a dull moment!
The themed table setting for this festive breakfast had both fun and functionality in mind: plain, white crockery and floral napkins alongside Easter crackers (who knew they were a thing these days?!) and playful masks.

The vibrant green grass table runner provided a perfect background for the decorative, glittery eggs in cute nests and the sprinkling of carrots that surrounded the super-cute, wooden, Easter bunny (bargain of the year at £1 in The Works).

With the all-important edible mini-mini eggs contained in porcelain egg cups and space amongst all the “Easter stuff” (as my brother so eloquently named it) for the traditional plate of hot cross buns, the table was a sensational cacophony of bright colours and tasteful delights. The children also discovered a whole new meaning to the description “eggs on toast”!

Of course, no Party with Claire is ever complete without a “bit of bunting”(the other brother this time) so the string of bunnies and paper egg-shaped lantern helped create the party atmosphere.

The crowning glory of this table of treats has to be the Easter basket filled with yet more glittery eggs (I can’t get enough of them!) and handmade, paper parcels for the children. In case they hadn’t had enough chocolatey goodness to last a lifetime, my inner chocoholic inspired me to provide a little extra in the form of a lollipop and just a few more eggs! The kids also loved their wooden keepsake bunny rabbits and pin badges to remind them of all the fun once the edible goodies had been devoured.

Of course, every parent knows that it’s when the children are (finally) in bed, that the party really starts and so it was that the bright, daytime display was transformed into a more sophisticated soirée. Lighting the tea lights in the pastel jars (they don’t call it Home Bargains for nothing – 79p!) and re-filling the egg cups with Galaxy Golden Eggs showed just how versatile a table display can be!

Though the Easter break may be over for another year, the memories of a fun-filled family holiday will remain in our hearts (and waistlines) for many months to come…

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Photography Credit: Gareth Andrews