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There’s nothing quite like a birthday celebration with family and friends!

Growing up, my parents always threw my younger brothers and me a Birthday party. Every year. Without fail. More often than not, these parties were held at home and I have wonderful memories of fun, laughter and a gorgeous cake handmade by my mum, usually in the shape of whatever toy or hobby we were in to that year. Being a July baby, my birthday party was during the Summer holidays but that didn’t stop my parents from making sure that I had a party that all my school friends could come to. We usually ate and played games outside in the garden. My mum always bought ‘special cups and plates’ and my dad faithfully blew up balloons and decorated the house. I remember my mum painstakingly wrapping the ‘pass the parcel’ and making sure there were enough layers for all the guests to have a go. My dad, being a super keen photographer, was always on hand to capture the excitement of the day!

Now, being all grown-up (?!) and having children of my own, I love to celebrate their birthdays with a party. We’ve held these at home, in parks and in church halls but no matter where the venue, I like to make it look pretty! In my opinion, a party isn’t a party without balloons, banners and a touch of sparkle! Just as my mum did for us, I make the birthday cake every year and whilst, at times, there have been midnight tears when the icing just won’t do as it’s supposed to, there’s nothing beats the sight of a delighted daughter blowing out the candles on her special cake on her special day.

Robyn's 3rd Birthday Party

In a crazy world where there are some who seek to belittle life, I think birthdays are something to be thankful for and are definitely worth celebrating!

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